Mall of America

In 2004 we were asked to create an intro sequence for the game Mall of America. The bugdet was too low to create a detailed model with proper texturing so we decided to use an abstracted version of the mall and show its assembly. We did not have much time till release and thus had to keep rendertimes as low as possible. This forced us to use lores building components.

I used our lsRepro particle tool to generate all elements. Using the Repro’s animation features I could easily animate the geometry to fall down. I applied randomization to translation and rotation and a time offset per floor. In the final scene the Repro is moving a little more than 800.000 objects. We had to split the scene into four parts for rendering.

Before solid elements fall down we see a glowing wireframe along the walls and ground. I wrote a custom mesh node that is capable of creating a user definable number tubes on a nurbs surface in u and v direction. Growth of the tubes can be animated, randomized and delayed.