At times we need to pause for a moment to have a look back what we have accomplished so far. I think this is especially true for the fast moving computer busisness. Nowadays, we are used to terrabytes of data storage, multi core gigahertz CPUs, gigabytes of RAM, intuitive and user-friendly software, worldwide connectivity, global sharing of information and so on and so forth. When I started to work with computers none of these things were available. Of course expectations and demands were a lot lower at that time but that did not make the subject less challenging. Some of the things done at that time may look grotty compared to the standards we are used to now. Nevertheless, I am going to show some of the things I have worked on in the very beginnings of my career.

Amiga Flashback

This is a little flashback about Amiga game development back in 1993.

Posted: 12.11.2009