First Trailer of Getaway

The first official trailer of Getaway, a movie I worked on as vfx/lighting technical director. Enjoy!!

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Latest full cgi work

A scene i created for a print motive at parasol island. I was responsible for most of the stuff. Starting from env/prop modeling, scene layout, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering and precomp. Final Compositing was done by my parasol island college gregory chalenko.

You can watch the print also on the new Parasol Island website here.

VRay Automotive Demo Reel 2012

A lot of my Shots i work on at Parasol Island are inside the latest Vray Automotive Demo Reel 2012. Big Thx to Parasol and team making this possible! Responsible for Lighting, Shading, Rendering, Scene Assembling.

New Album on my Vimeo

I added a new album on my vimeo. It contains a few examples of stuff, I worked on or was involved. Check it out on Vimeo. For a complete list of commercial projects you can check out the portfolio here

BR 52 – Locomotive Rigging Test

A few days ago, i finished the first rigging step 1 on my BR 52. You can watch the animation here.

latest work: Ford SMax Commercial for the german formula one trailer

One of my latest work, I have done as freelance VFX Artist at Parasol Island is finally online.
I was responsible for LookDev, Shading, CAD Data Cleanup, Scene Assembling, Scene Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering and Precomp for every shot. Rendering was done in Maya with VRay for Maya. Precomp was done in Nuke and Final Compositing in Fusion and After Effects.

Enjoy watching here..

Hope added to the Gallery

Updated my CGI Artworks Gallery again and add “Hope” Day and Night Version to it. Also added i few new stuff to my gallery, like Breakdown Shortcut and Lighting Challenge Source were u can find the original scenes and gallery of the CGTalk Challenge Results. Enjoy!

Gallery Update!!

Updated CGI Artworks Gallery and add “Frozen” to it, plus a small description and wireframe. Take a look!

Studies section added to gallery

I added a studies section to my gallery. It contains content, I have done in my privat time or pitches. Take a look!

Project “BR 52 – German Steampower Locomotive”

BR 52 – Locomotive Modeling Wips
Christmas Time, Christmas Time means time for privat stuff. A reason why i started modeling a BR 52, shortcut for a german steam powered locomotive.
The Model is based on a model kit and photo references . There are a few stuff are missing on the locomotive, but its nearly finished.