Project “Frozen” – first public viewing

Frozen – first public viewing
After a while "Frozen" is getting closer to the finishline and its time for a first public viewing. Basically its still a WIP and its Version 37 at the moment, but taking a rest over the holidays for new energy is a good idea. Its also good for a revision after some days. At the moment everything is renderer in one pass with a bit colorcorrection in comping. The scene counts around 90 Million polygons at the moment and there is still no ending. :) . Feedback and comments are welcome. You can send it via contact menu.

Project “Frozen” – The bridge across (work in progress)

Frozen – The bridge across (work in progress)
The bridge is quite close to the finished one. There are still some issues I´m still a bit unhappy about, but will be fixed later. The rendered version has over 1.3 million polygons. The bridge has one main colortexture with a size of 8192 pixel².

Project “Frozen” – Church in cold winter (work in progress)

Frozen – Church in cold winter (work in progress)
This is a work in progress from one of the elements in the artwork. The snowcovered church is just one of several elements in my artwork.The church counts 1.2 million polygons and will be later around 2 million polygons for the final version.

Project “Frozen” – The icicles are done

Yesterday, I finished the icicles for the foreground elements in the projects. They are looking pretty nice in my opinion and its really hard for me, not showing something up till there is more stuff are done first. I hope i can post the first full preview on sunday. The progress is really straight forward and is looking already good, but the detailing of the scene is the are hard work at the end to make the picture complete.

I did also a new rendering tests with around 80 million polygons. I know its not so much! But hey its rendering and without any MR proxy stuff. By the way its more effective to use maya instances for decreasing memory and render speed against MR proxy at the moment. I was really shocked how unstable and ineffective MR proxy are.

Just for those who doesnt know that.

Project “Frozen” – 20 Million Polys

Just a small update. The Artwork is getting more shape day by day, and I am at a point of no return. The project has some few challenging stuff and that makes it fun to work on it. Polygon count of the project is around 20 million polys at the moment and its really hard to manage all the data into my 8GB Machine without big swapping issues. I have allready a few new pictures, but i think its still to early to show up something.

Project “Frozen” – first fir (wip)

Frozen – snow covered fir (work in progress)
After a while, I finished the first version of a snow covered fir that I am really happy with. The fir is done for close distance and has around 6.5 million polygons.

Project “Frozen”

After a long time, I started a new privat project called “Frozen”. I am doing R&D at the moment for several things that are in my project. Most challenging are snowcovered trees. It sounds easier as it is, especially if you want that there are looking photoreal or real close to photoreal.

Helicopter Takeoff Breakdown

Hi there.

I added the Helicopter Takeoff Breakdown to my VFX section. Enjoy watching it!

Kind Regards, Kay

Friday the 13th

Many people think its a bad day, a few of us dont believe in that. One more reason for a relaunch on this date. Enjoy my new blog and visit also Lightstorm3D main page.

We have done a big big relaunch and redesign of the page, we added many new stuff from the past years (yeah we are not dead), most of ourer public maya scripts are rewritten or updated. Also take a look to my colleague blogs.

VFX Section added

I added a VFX Section to my page. You will find there different personal VFX tests and breakdowns I have done in my sparetime. Feel free to visit me as often you want. I will add new breakdowns and other stuff soon I did in sparetime.

Cheers, Kay