L3Library Overview

L3Library is the core library we base our tools on. It provides Maya nodes, commands and scripted classes/functions. This lays the foundation for shared functionality and a framework for repititive tasks such as UI creation and automation.

You can download this library for free. It is provided "as is". A huge part of core classes and functions used to simplify Python scripting is still undocumented. At some point we may start to document internal library classes and functions and make them usable for your own tools.

We have been working with Maya since version 1.0. Supporting this software and sharing some of our technology with Maya's community worldwide for free has always been very important for us. We spend the same enthusiasm to release robust, fast and production proven software when developing free tools, as we do for our commercial tools. This is a very time consuming process we perform in our spare time. Please use PayPal's donate feature if you would like to support us. Thanks!

MEL Libraries

  • L3_nodeLib
    Node and attribute handling (for AE templates)

Python Libraries

  • L3_coreLib
    Base library with scripting, data manipulation and math functions

  • L3_mathLib
    Math functions

  • L3_nodeLib
    Node and attribute handling

  • L3_uiLib
    UI creation, callbacks, value querying and editing, UI - node data exchange, automated option variables

Python Tools

  • Edit
    • Rename
      Rename tool.

  • Geometry
    • Create Smooth Poly Cube
      Create a smoothed poly cube

  • Deformation
    • Create Curve Cluster
      Create clusters for all curve CVs

  • Animation
    • Geo Locator
      • Create Geo Locator
        Create a geo constraint node and set up connections.

      • Set Geo Locator Geometry
        Set base geometry.

      • Set Geo Locator Aim Transform
        Set aim transform node.

      • Set Geo Locator Projector Transform
        Set projector transform node.

      • Set Geo Locator Reference Vector Transform
        Set reference vector transform node.

    • Create Projection Plane
      Create projection plane node and set up connections.

  • Licensing
    • Fingerprint
      UI for the L3Fingerprint MEL command

    • Check Setup
      Verify and debug L3 tool installation

  • Floating Shelf
    • Floating Shelf
      Dockable floating shelf

C++ API Commands

  • L3ClosestPoint
    Get closest point and UV coordinates on mesh, nurbs surface or nurbs curve

  • L3Fingerprint
    Creates a software and hardware fingerprint used to license our tools

C++ API Nodes

  • L3AnimCurveWrapper
    Wrapper node that makes animation curves animatable. This node is a pure data container and has no functionality on its own.

  • L3ArrayToColorSet
    Convert a data array to a color set. Currently only vector array data are supported.

  • L3DecomposeMatrix
    Decompose matrix into individual translate, rotate, scale and shear values. Assemble new output matrix from seleted transformation components.

  • L3GeoLocator
    Transform/geometry constraint with integrated dynamics, procedural animation features and wheel computation.

  • L3ProjectionPlane
    Projects point onto plane and outputs intersection point and angle value.

  • L3SpherePlacement
    Spherical locator node

  • L3TimeToFrame
    Convert Maya's time to a double value without time conversion