L3Library History


  • General
    • All UIs that modify the scene now perform a full undo when an error occured


    • Added new L3 exception handler for all L3 tools
    • Added context manager to handle undo blocks


    • Frame layouts no longer draw border
  • Find Files
    • Fixed error when opening UI


  • General
    • Plugin will now properly deregister draw overrides when unloaded
    • EULA link added to L3Library main menu entry
    • Timeline hotfix removed
    • FAQ added to documentation
  • Check Update
    • Will now always show "Latest version installed" if the server has no data about new host software
  • Fingerprint
    • Added Explorer button to access the file that has been created
    • Added toolclips
    • Placeholder text added
  • Find Files
    • Fixed "renderType" warning
  • L3Annotation
    • Support new dag evaluation methods (Maya 2016)
  • L3Locator
    • Support new dag evaluation methods (Maya 2016)
  • L3GeoLocator
    • Support new dag evaluation methods (Maya 2016)
  • L3SpherePlacement
    • Support new dag evaluation methods (Maya 2016)
  • L3ProjectionPlane
    • Support new dag evaluation methods (Maya 2016)
  • L3_uiLib
    • Removed border style flag from frame layout wrapper because it is obsolete
    • Placeholder text support added
  • L3Setup
    • Toolclips environment variable and files will now be installed
    • .NET link updated to version 4.6
    • VS2010 redistributable link replaced with VS2013 redistributable
    • Placeholder text added
    • Installer now enforces absolute paths
    • 32 bit support removed (Plugin Path now always refers to 64 bits plugins)


  • General
    • New L3ProjectUV node added that project UVs from a perspecitve camera onto polygon
    • New Find Files tool added
  • Floating Shelf
    • Right click menu now contains docking options. Use this to ship around the Maya 2014 docking bug, which has been fixed in Maya 2015.
  • Installer
    • Added an option to disable file backup/deletion of previous installations


  • General
    • New L3Locator node added to draw predefined shapes
    • New function added to copy shader assignments from one mesh object to multiple targets


  • General
    • New L3Annotation node added
    • Selection highlight color brightness of all locator nodes increased
    • Projection Plane node will now be deregistered if plugin is unloaded
  • Projection Plane
    • A dot will not be drawn at the target point
    • OpenGL drawing call bugfix
  • L3_uiLib
    • uiContainer Class
      • colorSliderRow and scrollFieldRow support added


  • General
    • New L3Setup command added to install L3Library and other tools
    • New Install Software menu entry added to Lightstorm3D > L3Library menu
    • New Help menu entry added to Lightstorm3D > L3Library menu
    • New Check For Updates menu entry added to Lightstorm3D > L3Library menu
  • Geo Locator
    • Spherical wheels will now consider initial vector alignment and rotation offset
  • Fingerprint
    • Fixed script error when no path was chosen in file browser


  • Geo Locator
    • New dynamics attributes: positionGoalSpace, positionGravity, rotationGravity, gravityVector
    • New wheel attributes: useWheelNormal, wheelNormal, wheelNormalMatrix, lockWheelRotationX, lockWheelRotationZ
    • New UI added to set wheel normal transform
    • Viewport 2.0 will now use proper draw color when locator is selected
    • positionGoal attribute is now a vector to set goal for each axis individually
    • positionGoal now defaults to 0.0
    • Debug output removed
  • Projection Plane
    • Viewport 2.0 will now use proper draw color when locator is selected
  • Sphere Placement
    • Viewport 2.0 will now use proper draw color when locator is selected


  • Projection Plane
    • New node to project a point onto a plane. Outputs intersection point and angle.
  • Geo Locator
    • Original geo point and connection line can now be displayed optionally
    • Spherical and cylindrical wheel computation added
    • Reference vector now also works with meshes and nurbs surfaces to align locator z axis
    • Reference vector can now be animated with a transform node using the new Reference Matrix attribute
    • Motion based reference vector mode added
    • The node now supports vector projection for meshes and nurbs surfaces to evaluate a geo point
    • Set Geo Locator Aim UI updated
    • New Set Geo Locator Geometry UI
    • New Set Geo Locator Reference Vector Transform UI
    • New Set Geo Locator Projector Transform UI
    • Transformation inheritance of geo locator transform nodes is now turned off and locked by default
    • Use Reference Vector attribute replaced with Reference Vector Mode
    • Start Time attribute moved to time section
    • Nurbs surface evaluation precision increased
    • Start time will now properly default to 1.0 instead of 0.1


  • General
    • Added L3DecomposeMatrix node
    • Added enable, label and labelPosition attributes to L3SpherePlacement node
    • Added L3GeoLocator node
    • Added L3ClosestPoint command
    • Added L3 Rename tool
    • Fixed L3CheckSetup error that occurred if no L3LicensePath variable was specified
  • L3_nodeLib
    • Added createShapeNode function that handles naming of transform node
  • L3_mathLib
    • New Python library with math specific functions


  • General
    • Added L3SpherePlacement node
    • Added L3_nodeLib MEL library for common AE template functions
    • All AE templates now use L3_nodeLib


  • General
    • Added L3 Floating Shelf
    • Added L3 Settings window
    • The plugin will no longer try to create the menu entry when Maya is run in batch mode. This caused some render dispatcher to fail.
  • L3_uiLib
    • uiContainer Class
      • New stringVar UI type added to store global variables with an UI. Supported methods: storeUI, recallUI, getUIValue, setUIValue
      • New recallElement method to recall single UI values from any UI
      • Added width flag to createRadioRow
      • Fixed the following UI creation methods to work with pre QT UIs: createFloatField2Row, createFloatField3Row, createIntField2Row, createIntField3Row, createButton2Row, createRadioRow


  • General
    • Fixed menu entry bug


  • General
    • L3Library now creates its own menu entry in Maya's main menu
    • Added "Create Smooth Poly Cube" tool
    • Added "Create Curve Cluster" tool
    • Added "Fingerprint" UI
    • Added "Check Setup" tool
  • L3_uiLib
    • uiContainer Class
      • Text UI element is now supported by following methods: storeUI, recallUI, getUIValue, setUIValue
      • Text field UI element now supports 'editable' flag
    • menuCreator Class
      • Fixed 'setPath' method bug that occurred if root level menu entry already existed